March 28, 2012

I miss the memories.
We were so young
And in love.
Even though I denied it.

My heart and soul
Felt it.
The day we met
On the broken down tennis courts.

A light filled inside me
One that will never fade.
We were meant to meet
That fateful spring.

But now time has passed
And we have forgotten
What it was like
To be so full of life.

After three years
We have reconnected.
As the memories come flooding back
I realize,

You were perfect
And I blew it.
But now
I’ve moved on.


— Another poem I did for my class. The ending is kind of harsh, but I didn’t really know what else to do for it. So it is open for ideas and changes. Poetry is always changing as it is. I love the study of poetry and my creative writing class has showed me the love of studying poetry. Maybe I should get my masters in creative writing. But what else can I do with that besides write my own stuff? There is no money in that and I don’t really like half the things I write any way…